The Director of the LfM

Dr. Jürgen Brautmeier, Credit: Näder/ LfM

The Director, who is selected by the Media Commission for a six-year term, manages the LfM on a day-to-day basis. He is the judicial and extrajudicial representative of the Authority and supervises the approximately 70 employees. The tasks of the Director furthermore include preparing and implementing the decisions made by the Media Commission.

The current Director of the LfM is Dr. Jürgen Brautmeier. Since 2013 he has also been Chairman of the Directors' Conference of the State Media Authorities (DLM) and of the Commission on Licensing and Supervision (ZAK). He is furthermore Executive Director of the Diversity and Participation Foundation.

The Deputy Director is Doris Brocker, legal adviser to the LfM. Professor Norbert Schneider was Director of the LfM until September 2010. His predecessor - and first Director of the former Broadcasting Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (LfR) - was Klaus Schütz.